Strange Days: Horrific Animation

SATURDAY, May 29th 2013, 12 pm, Künstlerhaus Kino, 67 min

Horror films remind me a bit of Freud’s id, ego and super-ego. In this case, the ego are those campy horror films inhabited by ghosts, ghouls, demons, monsters, vampires, zombies, aliens and other assorted unworldly creatures. Often these films (Night of the Living Dead, Invasion of the Body Snatcher etc…) are modified reflections of their society’s deeper fears, anxieties and desires. Difficult, uncomfortable issues (consumerism, race, sexuality, politics, war) are often (re)-presented in a more palatable, symbolic, and marketable manner. Like a quick, forgettable fuck, there’s a momentary bang then a whimper.

The real studs of horror films are the id/super ego films. These psychologically motivated works intimately seduce; subtly, slowly entering us like a gentle, passionate lover, leaving a lingering permeation of shivering uneasiness that occasionally shakes us like the daily crack of a bone.

Animation, as these films demonstrate, is particularly adept at unmasking the invisible, unwelcome, everyday monsters that stroll around inside the most terrifying and real horror: the human mind.

(Program and text by Chris Robinson with Thomas Renoldner)

Presented by VICE


Israel / 2005 / 7 min

Yuval goes to his friend's house and begins to suspect that there is a plot to do him harm. The signs keep reappearing to a point where paranoia takes over.

Directors: Noam Abta, Yuval Markovich

Bobby yeah!

United Kingdom / 2011 / 23 min

Bobby Yeah is a petty thug who lightens his miserable existence by brawling and stealing stuff. One day, he steals the favourite pet of some very dangerous individuals and finds himself in deep trouble. He really should learn, but he just can't help it.

Director: Robert Morgan

Mak's parasite

USA / 2009 / 2,5 min

Mak's a drug addict with a problem: A parasitic worm is stealing his drugs and he needs to get rid of it before horrible withdrawals ensue.

Director: Ian Miller

Night of the loving dead

United Kingdom / 2012 / 7 min

Lovesick teenager Nigel still mourns the death of his beautiful girlfriend Felicity. But when he accidentally brings her back from the dead on a lonely Valentine’s Eve – along with a few extras – their undying love comes under strain. And what will his wicked stepmother Barbara make of his cadaverous companion?

Director: Anna Humphries


Belgium / 2011 / 12 min

A man and a small child are driving through a forest on a dark and rainy night. Their car breaks down and they decide to shelter in what seems to be an abandoned house. However, that's where their problems really begin.

Director: Pieter Coudyzer

The Present

Taiwan / 2013 / 15 min

A properly married man on a business trip resists the come-ons given by the hotelier’s daughter and meets with an exceptional urge for revenge. Austere, Japanese-looking animation from Taiwan.

Director: Joe Hsieh

Raped Parenthood

USA / 2009 / 0:38 min

The consequences of rape.

Director: Ian Millar