The competition is separated into four sections: Fiction & Documentary contains a selection of international narrative and documentary shorts, whereas Animation Avantgarde features international innovative short animation films. The National Competition is conceived as a showcase of current Austrian short film-making, no matter if fiction, animation or documentary. 2013 also brought the creation of a new competition, debuting the Austrian music video award.

Fiction & Documentary

International Competition

Short films can be over the top or short and simple, can sweep you off your feet within five minutes or ask numerous questions within 25 minutes. They may be intimate and still loud, or weird and still authentic - or they combine all these things at once. The competitive section Fiction & Documentary contains a selection of around 30 extraordinary international narrative and documentary shorts in 5 different programmes. They are competing for the Vienna Short Film Award (worth 4,000 euros) as well as the audience award (worth 1,000 euros). In addition, female directors have the chance to win the Elfi-Dassanowsky-Award (worth 750 euros).


Doris Bauer & Marija Milovanovic

Animation Avantgarde

International Competition

Animation Avantgarde features international innovative short animation films, focusing on works open to experiments. The section combines films that are usually apart, from animation to avantgarde and digital art, from non-narrative to narrative, abstract to realistic, entertaining to challenging, personal to political. In collaboration with ASIFA Austria, all 35 films in three consecutive programmes will compete for the main award (worth 2,000 euros) as well as an audience award.


Thomas Renoldner & Wiktoria Pelzer

National competition

Even though the commercial production of shorts films isn't possible in Austria at the moment, there's a lot going on at academies, art universities and independent areas. The national competition captures these lively developments, showing Austrian fiction, documentary, animation and avantgarde films. All works compete for the short film award worth 2,000 euros provided by Verwertungsgesellschaft der Filmschaffenden and the audience award. Additionally, VIS honors young filmmakers with a special award by VAM (worth 1,000 euros).


Alexandra Valent & Michael Reutz

Music videos

National and international music video competition

Our Screensessions show just how much potential lies within the music video as an art form, combining music video competitions with live concerts. The national music videos competing for the Austrian Music Video Award (in cooperation with music film festival Poolinale and the music information centre Austria mica) are selected due to their extraordinary combination of both musical and visual elements. In addition, the best international music video is being awarded with an audience award.


Christoph Etzlsdorfer & Ann-Katrin Dorner (VIS) & Marco Celeghin (Screensessions)

Competitions 2014

The winning films and jury statements for all competition sections of the 11th festival Edition can be found here