© Italy & (This is) Water – Soap&Skin (Anja Plaschg, Ioan Gavriel) ÖSTERREICHISCHER MUSIKVIDEOPREIS

Austrian Music Video Award


Every year, a large number of Austrian music videos find their way to websites such as YouTube or Vimeo. In the competition program for the Austrian Music Video Award we show a concentrated selection of those clips which are aware of the interplay of image and music level, show a high degree of fantasy or a great joy in experimenting and which are capable of fascinating us, touching us or breaking new ground. With the Austrian Music Video Award we form the sophisticated framework for the often neglected perception of the audiovisual miniature as a cinematic art form. The times in which music videos were primarily seen as an advertising medium for a song are long gone. Instead, today we are looking for technical innovations, a sense of aesthetic immediacy and unconventional cinematic & musical approaches.

Christoph Etzlsdorfer

Theresa Pointner
Samira Saad 
Marco Celeghin