Vienna Shorts Agency becomes new film distributor

LEMONADE FILMS provides Austrian filmmakers with a fresh alternative for the exploitation of their short films, documentaries & VR projects – Kick-off this evening

Four years ago, the Vienna Shorts Agency evolved from the international short film festival VIS Vienna Shorts and since then has attracted almost 40,000 visitors at around 260 short film events. Tonight the agency celebrates its dissolution – and the reason for this is truly one to celebrate: LEMONADE FILMS has developed from the agency into a new film distributor that will in future provide strategic advice to mainly Austrian filmmakers and exploit their films internationally.

The managing directors Marija Milovanovic and Julia Fabrick, who have been working for VIS since 2008 and founded the agency in 2015, will now be formally organised independently with LEMONADE FILMS, but will continue to be closely associated with the festival and the Austrian industry. "After years of cooperation with the Austrian film scene, we soon noticed that the demand for a distribution company that focuses on the international exploitation of particularly young filmmakers is very high”.

Individual service, careful selection, stronger presence
About 350 short films are produced in Austria every year, but only a fraction of them gets distributed in Austria. According to the managing directors, LEMONADE FILMS aims to reduce the high proportion of domestic productions, which ultimately end up with German or Swiss agencies, as well as the high effort that filmmakers or producers often invest themselves in the international exploitation of their films.

The new film distributor thus closes a gap that has become increasingly apparent in recent years and which, not least, is intended to strengthen Vienna as a film location. According to Milovanovic, particular emphasis is placed on individual support and a careful film selection: "For the time being, the focus is on short films and short documentaries, but in the medium term there are also plans for the exploitation of feature-length films by young Austrian filmmakers. In addition, virtual reality projects will also be included in our catalogue”.

“We don’t know why you say goodbye, we say hello”
The success of the agency, which presented a total of around 1,100 short films and whose projects (including the Cat Video Festival) are now to be bundled again under the roof of the festival, fill the duo with gratitude: "We would like to thank our colleagues and friends, our cooperation partners and our team for the many successful projects, inspiring encounters, fruitful cooperation, energetic support and all the unforgettable experiences and memories”. 

Milovanovic and Fabrick have worked for more than ten years for other film festivals and distribution companies in Vienna, Linz, Berlin and Nijmegen, including the Berlinale, Crossing Europe, Diagonale, Filmdelights, /slash Filmfestival and Some Shorts. Both are well networked with programmers and curators worldwide and, according to Fabrick, are now looking forward to strengthening the "public perception, media attention and qualitative exploitation of Austrian filmmaking".

LEMONADE FILMS starts on December 13, 2018 and can from now on be reached here: www.refreshingfilms.com and info(at)refreshingfilms.com.