VIS award winning films 2013

Six extraordinary days of short film bliss are behind us. Sunday evening, the 10th edition of VIS Vienna Independent Shorts came to an end, crowning the award winning films at a ceremony at Künstlerhaus Kino.

We congratulate all winners! Below, the entire list of winning films. To find out more about the juries, click here.


Vienna Short Film Award for the best fictional or documentary film
(powered by City of Vienna, worth 4,000 euros)

The Curse, Fyzal Boulifa

The film shows the fragility of the position of a young woman in Maroc. Because of having a lover she is stigmaticed as a prostitute. The threat to the woman comes from children who are sucked into the strict rules that give no hope to anyone who dares to step outside. The film gives an impression of authentic situation in a cinematically excellent way.

Special Mentions

The day has conquered the night, Jean-Gabriel Périot
In this film music has been used, as it so often is, to express human desires and dreams. In the film „The day has conquered the night“ Jean-Gabriel Périot gives voice and dignity to people who are invisible, hidden behind walls and often also forgotten.

About Ndugu, David Munoz
Ndugu, a young boy from Tanzania, wants to pay back the help he has received from his American foster father. The film gives new insights to relationships between the more affluent world and „poor“ Africa. ABOUT NDUGU shows that the will to help your fellow man is not our privilege, but it is just easier for us, and therefore not necessarily more valuable.

Audience Award: I can’t cry much louder than this, Robert Cambrinus
(Voucher for Toolsatwork worth 500 euros powered by ray Filmmagazin)


ASIFA Austria Award für den besten Animations- bzw. Experimentalfilm
(powered by ASIFA Austria, worth 2,000 euros)

It’s such a beautiful day, Don Hertzfeldt 

The Californian Don Hertzfeld takes enormous hazards during work processes: His new film, a ludic animation, deals with death, with fading away from the present, all sketched by a stick-figure, that – concerning the story`s premise – suffers from an incurable desease, that sets him aside, isolates him and reveals a strange and external world. The worthy`s brain health evanesces, memories recede and his motivity gets more and more affected. Innovating a story line, that is not only desperately unhappy but also silken, tender and esthetically absolutely fabulous is true ingenuity. “It`s Such a Beautiful Day“ is divinely unique; Hertzfeld makes use of a variety of animation techniques, mixes sketches with photographs in order to helm a film about perceptual disorder and each memory`s volatility. He manages to present a melodramatic plot most cheerful and buoyant ease in a disquieting manner.

Special Mention

VOIDOV~, Manuel Knapp

White and black, flickering and bickering, in the meanwhile mysterious objects that take shape just to go missing again: an alien, wide and flat world in permanent transformation. Manuel Knapps radically narrowed and highly controlled animation provokes all sorts of associations: Viking Eggeling`s abstract “Symphonie diagonale“ from 1924, the inner workings of an unknown machine, surreal architecture, that has its origin in calculated equation, “Voidov“ is a hypnotizing, dramaturgical carefully balanced opus, which`s smoldering noise-soundtrack evokes fascinating sound `n vision feedback.

(powered by MQ/quartier21, worth 1,000 euros)

Mihai Grecu und Thibault Gleize (Exland):

Artistic work tranforms nature, whatever this might be, intervenes and deforms up to total insubstantiality: Mihai Grecu`s and Thibault Gleize`s “Exland“ obliterates the differences between video art, documentary and land art. The coalescence has a grand finale, that is without equal in contemporary film making – with glut and raspberry-catastrophe.

Audience Award (Voucher for Toolsatwork worth 500 euros powered by ray Filmmagazin): The Pub, Joseph Pierce

(worth $ 1,000 by Elfi Dassanowsky Stiftung)

Velocity, Karolina Glusiec

A late summer narration about the memory, mundane quarrels, train rides, burnt grass, search for a radio transmitter, a childhood`s loci and the curve on the horizon. The film maker works with nothing but pencil strokes on paper and drafts her work – that can be understood as a tribute to Robert Breer – sketchy, associative and fragmentarily. Everything turns out to be transient only lasting a single eyelid movement, one blink, nothing remains as it used to be, as it is, as we remember it.


Vienna Short Film Award for the best Austrian Film
(powered by VDFS, worth 2,000 euros)

Hände zum Himmel, Ulrike Putzer und Matthias van Baaren

HÄNDE ZUM HIMMEL by Ulrike Putzer and Matthias von Baaren impressed us the most. Superficially seen the film screens Hansi Hinterseer`s fans, who pilgrim to a mountain annually in order to praise their beloved Hansi. We were laughing about them at first place – directly followed by finding them in ourselves: Due to our universal desire for rituals and joint experiences. When watching you never stop wondering, how enthralled people can be in such a thrall to somebody. HÄNDE ZUM HIMMEL is indeed a film about flocks, in most different regards. We move like sheep to concerts, to the church and to the movies. Congrats on this great film inspired by Cinema Vérité.

Special Mention

GHL, Lotte Schreiber

In GHL by Lotte Schreiber a drippy banker is heading to deserted Gänsehäufel (Viennese public bathing beach) and it`s strictly structured architecture, that shall symbolize the manly rational worldview. He goes to confession, used here as well as a momentum of purification but the protagonist makes everyone accountable and blames the outer world as the culprit. Rather unclear!!! Back in daily routine he reverts to act as the habitual alpha leader. Especially due to this transformation and the fantastic image composition a fulsome praise from our jury!

Prize of the Youth Jury
(1,000 euros post production voucher by Synchro)

Wir fliegen, Ulrike Kofler

Self-doubt paired with the simple tragedy of everyday life causes a feeling of loneliness, which is emphasized in a touching yet impressive way by the good cinematography and the congenial film music. An apparently strong relationship between two people is entirely put in question by the intervention of a little child. The plot is particularly convincing and affecting because of the compelling acting talents of the protagonists.

Best Austrian newcomer
(1,000 euros by VAM Verwertungsgesellschaft für audiovisuelle Medien)

Kurdwin Ayub (Familienurlaub)

Kurdwin Ayub presents an essayistic video of her holidays in the Republic of Mahabad devided into seventeen chapters. The film deals with her family, the first and the second migrant generation`s point of view. The new generation amidst present, the previous one oscillating between nostalgia and prospect. The jury would like to encourage Kurdwin Ayub in order to promote her work as a film maker and brighten her view. We feel certain she chose the right way.

Audience Award (voucher for Toolsatwork worth 500 euros powered by ray Filmmagazin): Wir fliegen, Ulrike Kofler


Austrian Music Video Award
(powered by GORILLAB Beer with 500 euros)

Metube: August sings Carmen ‚Habanera’ (Music: August Schram), Daniel Moshel

The main prize goes to the film that depicts all our favourite things: gag-balls, Steven Hawking and fat men in latex. It is a sharp and humorous hommage on our self-expression generation with a brilliant main character, who puts himself in a heart-warming vulnerable position.

Special Mention

The Wheel (Musik: S O H N), Devin Yuceil, Suze Olbrich & Nathaniel Rodriguez

It is very hard to find great Austrian found footage film after Martin Arnold has killed the genre with his films that all look the same. „The Wheel“ has it all: great material, great editing and great music.

Publikumspreis für das beste internationale Musikvideo (powered by GORILLAB Beer with 500 euros):

Fjögur Píanó (Musik: Sigur Rós), Alma Har’el


Jury prize (powered by Wien Energie with 1,000 euros): Impulse, Reinhold Bidner und Georg Hobmeier

Special Mention: Joghurt mit Wachs, Gabriel Tempea

Audience Award (powered by Wien Energie with 1,000 euros): Joghurt mit Wachs, Gabriel Tempea


Prix Très Chic pour le film plus extraordinaire: Das Wodka-Tagebuch, Marion Pfaus