Award winning films 2014

Seven exciting days of short films are behind us. The 11th edition of VIS Vienna Independent Shorts ended with tired but happy festival workers and beaming winners Thursday night at Stadtkino im Künstlerhaus.

One filmmaker was especially victorious: Austrian director Christiana Perschon won three prizes for her film Noema, including the Vienna Short Film Award for best Austrian film worth 5,000 euros! In addition, she was awarded by the youth jury AND the audience. Seems like everyone can agree on her talent!

Main prizes in the international competitions went to Polish documentary Leciec, nie leciec (To fly or not to fly) by Aniela Gabryel (best international fictional/documentary film) and German experimental film x-x-xx--x--gewobenes Papier by Michel Klöfkorn (best international animation/avantgarde film).

We congratulate all the winners and thank them for bringing their extraordinary films to our festival!

Check out all the awarded films below.


Jury: Nicolas Mahler, Anna Veilande Kustikova, Jan Soldat

Vienna Short Film Award for best Austrian film
donated by Casinos Austria and VDFS worth € 5.000

Noema, Christiana Perschon

Jury statement: With formal consistency the filmmaker gives room for the inner life of an aging artist. The creator is searching for haptic pictures and makes the perception of the artist visually experiencable despite any dramatization. The prize for the best Austrian film goes to Christiana Perschon and NOEMA.

Special mention: Erlösung (Salvation), Mark Gerstorfer

Jury statement: We’d like to announce our special mention to a film, which deals in a lively way with the desire for death. The special mention goes to Mark Gerstorfer’s ERLÖSUNG.

Best Austrian Newcomer
donated by VAM (Verwertungsgesellschaft für audiovisuelle Medien) worth € 1.000

Iris Blauensteiner, Schwitzen

Jury statement: Dying hatchlings, boredom and the end of the youth. The award for the best young filmmaker goes to a film, that convinces by its pictorial language and rythm. The selected cast carries the plot through the difficulties and rigor of growing up. The award for the best young filmmaker goes to Iris Blauensteiner and SCHWITZEN.

Audience award: Noema, Christiana Perschon
toolsatwork voucher worth € 500 donated by ray Filmmagazin



Jury: Carmen Gray, Matt Porterfield, Amina Handke

Vienna Short Film Award for Best Fiction/Documentary Film
donated by the City of Vienna worth € 4.000

Leciec, nie leciec (To fly or not to fly), Aniela Gabryel

Jury statement: It surprised us with ist moments of absurd humour and surreal beauty, and the subtle, unexpected way in which it portrayed humans relating to nature and each other. It also impressed us by skillfully balancing exposition and mystery. We’d be really interested to see more from this filmmaker.

Special mention: Afronauts, Frances Bodomo

Audience Award: Escort, Guido Hendrikx
donated by VORmagazin worth € 500



Jury: Mariola Brillowska, Mihai Grecu, Martin Reinhart

ASIFA Austria Award for best Animation/Avantgarde Film
donated by ASIFA Austria worth € 2.000

x-x-xx-x-gewobenes Papier, Michel Klöfkorn

Jury statement: Michel Klöfkorn calls his latest work a "digital interference tapestry", that "shows its own process as a rapid weaving, putting to task, with invisible hands, the rhythm of digital and analog imaging." For covering exactly these aspects we nominated "x-x-xx--x--gewobenes Papier" the best film in the "Animation Avantgarde" category. The film does not only bridge and analyze the nature of digital and analogue images in a surprising and convincing way, but also introduces an additional tactile layer that arises from the subtle interplay of images and sound. The deconstruction and reassembly of his raw material - advertising posters of naked female bodies - does not appear as an act of destruction, but broaches the issue of a phantasmatic desire for perfection and completeness without any derogative connotation. The closeness in form and content together with the clear reference to classic animation and avant-garde technique made it the ideal winner of this program. The jury is happy and honored to be able to award the one-of-a-kind animation artist Michel Klöfkorn.

Special Mention: Los Andes, Joaquin Cocina and Cristobal León

Jury statement: The jury has been impressed by the original making of "Los Andes" and appreciates the powerful political statement of the film.

Artist in Residence stipend 2014donated by quartier 21/MuseumsQuartier worth € 1.000

Atsushi Wada for Anomalies

Jury statement: Man kann Atsushi Wadas Film als Einladung in eine zutiefst verstörende, aber dennoch in sich schlüssige Welt voller unsichtbarerer Zusammenhänge verstehen. Alles und Jedes scheint mit Allem und Jedem in unvorhersehbarerer Wiese verbunden. Abgesehen von der außergewöhnlichen Qualität der Bilder und der Tonspur, war diese spezifische und unkonventionellen Erzählstruktur der Grund für die Zuerkennung des "Artist in Residence" Stipendiums.

Audience Award: Symphony no. 42, Réka Bucsi
donated by ray Filmmagazin as toolsatwork voucher worth € 50



donated by Elfi Dassanowsky Stiftung worth € 1.000

Jennifer Reeder, A Million Miles Away

Jury statement: We’re awarding the Elfi Dassanowsky Foundation prize to not only the best female director but the best director. Jennifer Reeder’s film was  formally audacious short invested in mythic pop imageny and iconography, depicting teenagers, no matter what age.



Jury: Violetta Parisini, Jonas Vogt, Daniel Moshel

Best Austrian Music Video Award: Maschin (Bilderbuch), Antonin B. Pevny
donated by FAMA (Fachverband der Film- und Musikindustrie) worth € 800

Special Mention: Behave (Fijuka), Florian Pochlatko

Audience Award for best international music video: Our Lights (BRNS), Carl Roosens, Noémie Marsily
donated by VORmagazin worth € 500


YOUTH JURY PRIZE for best Austrian film

donated by Synchro Film as post production voucher worth € 1.000

Jury: Franziska Wolff, Kevin Klammer, Fiona Grasberger, Lena Lindinger, Valentina Königswieser, Michael Loibl, Stephan Mantuano (Bundesgymnasium Wien 19 & Handelsakademie I)

Noema, Christiana Perschon

Special Mention: Erlösung, Mark Gerstorfer



donated by Production Minds worth € 550

Milchzähne, Peter Brunner



Jury: Maria Hofstätter, Ursula Wolschlager, Claus Tieber, Robert Grüneis

Jury prize: Gatos de luz, Lena Weiss
donated by Wien Energie worth €1.000

Audience award: Gatos de luz, Lena Weiss
donated by Wien Energie worth €1.000



The Auteurs of Christmas, Adrian Thiessen